May 26, 2011

Battle of the memes: May #KittenCamp round-up

There’s only one word for this week’s #KittenCamp events – BOOOOOM! Following last month’s New York meme-extravaganza, we upped our game with a series of UK meme firsts.

London’s event on Monday saw *Meme-Master-Meow* go head-to-head with the *LOL Puppy*, for the UK’s first ever *meme battle*. Special guest slots from the team behind the Real Farmville, Sneaky Zebra and Urgent Genius added a little spice, and the event closed with the first ever UK live meme-DJ-set from *@DJStoney*.

Kittencamp dj set

The #Kittencamp tour bus then moved onto Bristol, where *Meme-Master-Meow* took on *ROFL Rex* in a meme-battle to match all meme-battles. The battle was taken to extra-time, where *ROFL Rex* won with a couple of sneaky last minute slam-dunking ROFLs.

Huge thanks for everyone who took part in both + if you haven’t already, keep in touch via our #KittenCamp Facebook page.

Meme-master-meow and rofl Rex