July 20, 2009

An agency it’s hard not to love

For a while I’ve been following an industry blog called Brandflakes for breakfast.  I first came across it because they’d written a nice write up about one of our campaigns, and as I kinda liked the sound of their blog I checked them out.

Since liking the Brandflakes blog, I’ve now fallen in love with the agency behind it – Plaid.

Put simply – Plaid are rad.  On the front-page of their site they describe themselves as the “greatest agency in all the land” – which is good enough for me.  What makes me like them even more is their annual road-trip around the US “Plaidnation”, where they visit and interview interesting companies in their branded Plaidmobile.  Of course being social media superstars they tweet, blog and video their trip, ensuring they maximise both their real and virtual social connections.

What Plaid seem to do so effortlessly is make me like them by being nice (and interesting).  Which is rule no.1 out of the social media handbook.  As Faris Yacob (another social media superstar) says “be nice or leave”.  Plaid seem to nicely extend this sentiment to “be nice and interesting and fun and giving, and stick around and become buddies”.  What all agencies (and brands) should be like.

(PS, Plaid – please can I have my T-shirt now!)
(PPS, I didn’t write this blog just to get a T-shirt – I’ve always liked Plaid.  However, what the T-shirt has done is activate my advocacy.)