December 15, 2006

Advertising 2.0

Last night I went to Mashup’s Advertising 2.0 event. Apart from being seriously impressed by the number of people at the event (over 100), and impressed by the guy chairing the event (Michael Bayler) the top 5 things of note were:

1) Esther Dyson: apparently a real ball-crusher of a woman and early investor in Yahoo, Esther’s most interesting insight was that she’s just invested in a new US service which people sign up to and get paid to be sent email marketing from brands. The ultimate in permission marketing.

2) this is a nice concept based upon a “Build-your-own-network” basis – allowing publishers to manage their own ad inventory.

3) John Taysom: this guy has a beard and is super savvy. Follow his money – which seems to be focussed on music-based marketing through MediaGraft.

4) Apparently everyone hates Pay-per-post, and there’s a company who wants to kill it – which is kinda cool – called CreamAid (bad name good site).

5) I met Irfon from who are doing some really interesting stuff with object tagging in video