We are a boutique film & change making studio.

Fearlessly creative, we’re storytellers who believe that the stories we tell ourselves create the world we inhabit, and so changing the world involves changing the stories. From original programming, through supercharged campaigns for conscious consumers, to big stories of systems and societal change, we connect with audiences through creativity, humour and emotion.

We operate full writing, production, direction and distribution talent in house, and make work audiences love, from idea to distribution, to ensure things spread like wildfire. Our films have been viewed over 250,000,000 times.

We work with the best creative and technical talent in their fields because we believe small teams of exceptional people can achieve unbelievable things. We’re formed of a core team, and a hub of partners.

We have been given shiny things.

We have 15 years of successful projects and plenty of international awards to prove our approach works.

Cannes Gold Lions
Webby Awards
  • Lovie (x 4, 2016, 2015, 2015, 2013)
  • Webby Award (2015)
  • Cannes Gold Lion (2013)
  • Mashie (2013)
  • Epica (2013)
  • Dadi awards (x 3, 2013)
  • Rev awards (x4, 2013)
  • Campaign Media Awards (x2, 2013)
  • D&AD “in book” 2013
  • Webby nominee 2013

We pride ourselves on being collaborative and friendly.

Throughout the process we follow three core principles:

1 Be exceptional

We believe in the power of small teams of great people to create world class films. If success was a giant mountain of a person, and we were an ant, we’d still bop them on the nose.

2 Be unusual

Why do what everyone else does? We make work, and are structured, in uncommon ways as we don’t want to be constrained by the way things “should be done”.

3 Be kind to the future

It’s important to consider the business, society and planet we want to bring to life in everything we do. Not only is it a better way to work, but it makes the work better.

We do great work with brilliant people.

One of the things Rubber have managed to achieve consistently across multiple projects is exceptionally deep and authentic engagement with the audience in terms of views, dwell time and responses. The depth and reliability of response to their work stands out Disney

Your shoots have a really different energy to other shoots. You’re relaxed, creatively collaborative and it’s a pleasure to be there. Social Media and Content Marketing Manager, eBay

This May Be the Best Response Ever to a Facebook Rant — Period Mashable

The best and most truthful ad I have seen by far! News.Com.Au

The Catch has reached an audience of 397 million people through global media coverage Creative Brief

Trust us, you won’t want to skip through this video. Watch it from the get-go and you’ll not be disappointed Motortorque

Let’s work together and make new magic happen…