June 7, 2013

5 Friday Favourites

Hi. It’s Jess checking in for my last blog this week.

Spending time with Rubber Republic has been a great experience and has given me a real insight into their process of making creative viral content for client brands. I’ve really noticed that Rubber Republic work hard to make the content they create fun and engaging and they certainly know what works and what doesn’t in the digital sphere. Contributing to this blog has been a great opportunity to share what I find interesting on the internet too. Thanks Rubber Republic!

For your weekend viewing I’ve selected some of my favourite viral videos which are stupid, funny or feature J-Timberlake.

1) The aptly named ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ is possibly THE most dramatic 5 seconds in internet history.


2) Fenton! Fenntonnn!! A dog on the loose in Richmond Park with a very irritated owner.


3) Viral marketing at its best. The Blendtec Total Blender can blend anything. Your iPad isn’t safe.


4) From 2008, this gem from Saturday Night Live has clocked up over 39,000,000 views on YouTube with Justin Timberlake taking centre stage.


5) Epic Meal Time. Just some regular guys cooking up some American favourites using copious amounts of bacon and fast food. Jamie Oliver’s worst nightmare.


And one more…

This is a classic example of why celebrities are dangerous to the rest of mankind and (why Hugh Grant in particular) shouldn’t get behind the wheel.