September 24, 2008

4mations goes full-fat!

Drum roll . . . we’re v.pleased to invite you to the official launch of the full-fat version of

We’re super chuffed with the site + content, and think the team of Aardman animations, Channel 4, Lupus Films and Reality digital have done a sterling job.

If you’re keen to blog a post on our shiny new venture, there’s a fuller press release below with loads more info about the project.

+ as a nice little prezzie for all our friends, we’ve created a launch goody-bag, with a whole heap of virtual goodies for you to wear and share:

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4mations press release

Channel 4 have launched, a new video-sharing site aimed at bringing together the best animation from around the world.

4mations is a collaboration between Channel 4, Aardman Animations, Reality Digital and Lupus Films and has a strong focus on rewarding animators who upload their work – offering cash rewards of up to £1000 for popular content, competitions, opportunities to pitch for commissions, and even the potential to get on TV.

The 4mations website is based around a video-sharing platform, allowing users to upload, rate and comment on content. Additional functionality includes the “Thinks” application, that allows users to quickly and easily create their own personalised animations. Thinks has been developed by the guys behind the cult web-app “Fuzzwich” (

The site was designed by Oscar-winning Aardman Animations (based in Bristol UK, and the brains behind Wallace and Gromit) and built by Reality Digital (based in San Francisco USA), and is based on Reality’s “Opus” video sharing platform.

4mations’ visual design is based around an iconic kitten-skull character called “General Tiddles”, created by designer Gavin Strange and the Aardman creative team.

The marketing strategy behind 4mations is primarily focused online. Rubber Republic are leading the launch of the site with a strong focus on viral and social media marketing.

A series of virals have been commissioned for the launch featuring 4mations’ kitten-skull character “General Tiddles”, as well as a number of additional animated comedy series, interactive games and widgets.

Camilla Deakin,’s Executive Producer, comments “4mations aims to be the animation sharing community. We built it so that people who like watching it can find it easily and people who enjoy making animation and showing it to other people have an easy and fun place to do just that. If you want to share your work, get feedback from a community of animators, or just look at some cool stuff, 4mations is for you.”

Jon Gisby, Channel 4’s Director of New Media and Technology, said “4mations will enable us to meet the needs of an audience that is increasingly online. It’s also the logical next step in working with the great creators of animation and we’re thrilled to provide an online home for such a vibrant community. This is another example of Channel 4 working with its partners to reinvent itself for a fully digital future”

Chris Quigley, Rubber Republic Director, comments “As is so chocked-full of great viral content, it makes perfect sense to have the concept of “wear and share” at the heart of our marketing strategy – with the overall aim to encourage people around the net to “wear and share” 4mations content with pride.”

Links to the site and content:

The Thinks “create your own animation” app

General Tiddles’ “Suicide Kittens”

General Tiddles’ “Driving Lessing”

Hate animation series

Posted by Chris Q