June 14, 2011

The Redesign

I’m slightly perplexed. My most recent web crush Tumblr has undergone a redesign and I’m still undecided about it. As a platform that is generally intuitive, clean and criminally simple to use, it seems strange to start messing with a winning formula.

As this has clearly got to me, I’ve decided to dedicate this Tumblr Tuesday to the one thing I like best and thing I absolutely hate the most about this latest incarnation.


The New Dashboard

In the good old days (about a week ago) finding out who had liked or reblogged your content was nearly impossible. Unless you had email notifications turned on (and who does that?!) you’d have to scroll through pages and pages of your dashboard squinting in order to find that magic blue note. Now that the dashboard itself has been separated from your individual blogs you can be a little more self indulgent. Take some time out of your day to click on your blog every hour on the hour to see if you’ve been reblogged, It’s procrastination at its finest.


The AWOL Explore button

When you first sign up to Tumblr you’ll find that your dashboard is just a wide open space. Ordinarily and quite intuitively the top right of the page would link to a page called “Explore” which lists trending tags in order and makes featured blogs and content more discoverable. Not any more though.

Annoyingly this little beauty has been hidden in a weird tiny blue font at the bottom left making it almost impossible to rummage through all of the great stuff that Tumblr has on offer. Unless you have working knowledge of the platform, something as simple as this could act as a deterrent to new users and deprive the community of awesome new content, cat videos and pizza gifs.

I hate it, and you should too.

In honor of Tumblr Tuesday at Rubber Towers I feel that it’s my duty to source three awesome blogs for you to follow every week, so go forth and add these beauties to your dash.

1) All of the goodness of 4chan but SFW and “without the horrors”.

2) Art, but with lulz

3) Weird black and white photos.

If you come across an awesome Tumblr blogs that you want to share leave a comment below or tweet us @rubber_republic