November 29, 2009

2009 was all about viral, media, awesome …

RR_tweet_cloudWell, that’s according to a Tweet Cloud out of a year of tweets for @rubber_republic. ‘Viral’, ‘media’, and ‘awesome’ are the top three words.

Others popular words included ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ so no one can accuse Rubber Republic’s Twitter presence of being impolite.

Aside from making a pretty picture to share with all our friends, the Twitter Cloud raises an interesting point – namely the use of the word ‘viral’. Is it right to continue describing what we do as ‘viral marketing’?

There has been a groundswell of opinion forming this year (not for the first time) that to tag something as viral is misleading. Viral is an effect, which only happens if an online ad becomes successful, some say. Others say you can’t manufacture or force viral marketing. You can only aspire to create something viral if the creative is good enough. Or is it all just a case of semantics?

We’re going to debate this issue in the coming weeks.