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Rubber Bullet March 2011
Rubber Bullet - tasty shareable treats from Rubber Republic
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In the last month or so, we've seen an onslaught of mainstream meme-mixing, where once cult internet memes have been amplified and transformed by broadcast media - taking memes mainstream. First there was the Double Rainbow man doing an ad for Vodaphone in New Zealand. Then came VW's *made for the internet* Super Bowl commercial featuring a mini-Darth Vader. Then Jennifer Aniston gets involved, with an ad for US-brand Smart Water featuring a whole host of meme-stars including Double Rainbow man (again), Keenan Cahill (the lip-sync guy), some Evian babies and a bunch of cute puppies. To top things off, a few of the biggest meme-stars have got together to make a meme movie called "The Chronicles of RickRoll", which may well spell the death of the meme...
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LOLcon - crafting the perfect LOL

LOLcon - crafting the perfect LOL
Following on from the success of #KittenCamp, we’re planning our next *adventure in meme meet-ups* which is LOLCon – an event we’re...(Read on)

#KittenCamp round-up #KittenCamp round-up
It’s been a busy last 2 weeks at #KittenHQ as we’ve been criss-crossing the UK dressed in our favorite cat suits generously sharing memes with industry..... (Read on)

New VAN viral ad units launch New VAN viral ad units launch
If you use Firefox or Chrome, you may have seen our trials of new ad formats across the ad network. These new ads allow the user to view the ad in a larger format, by clicking on the ad.... (Read on)

Most Viral Brands infographic (2010) Most Viral Brands infographic (2010)
2010 has definitely been a great year for brands going viral. After a relatively slow start to year with only the Old Spice campaign adding any spice... (Read on)

Column BG Awesome Stuff from the internets

Red Bull downhill biker Red Bull downhill biker
A truly hair raising short film from Red Bull filmed on a *bike cam*.

Social Media Saves Valentine's day Social Media Saves Valentine's day
How social media saved one couples Valentine's day.

Angrybird cake Angrybird cake
The best dad in the world makes his son an Angry Bird cake. But who has the most fun?!

Joy Division PlayMobil Stop Motion Joy Division PlayMobil Stop Motion
One of the most famous moments in recent music history, re-made for teh PlayMobil generation.

Baby trashes bar Baby trashes bar
Baby goes on the lash on the Costa
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