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Rubber Bullet September 2010
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We don't normally feature commercial virals as meme of the month, however there are two good reasons for featuring theGillette Federer trick-shot viral this month 1) because it's truly AWESOME 2) because we made it with our friends at Hill and Knowlton. If you haven't seen it already, the basic idea of the viral was to recreate the infamous William Tell apple shooting incident with Federer's famously accurate serve. What really ignited its virality was the "REAL OR FAKE" debate - which seeped into the mainstream media, with the likes of GMTV and Maori TV trying to replicate the stunt and Federer even being quizzed by a Sky Sport's journalist as to how he did it ; "A magician never reveals his tricks" was Federer's cool response. And of course the mark of any strong meme is re-mixing - one of our favourites being this gruesome re-mix.
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September #KittenCamp September #KittenCamp
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Ridiculous Tumblrs Ridiculous Tumblrs
Collections have always been a favorite, and now thanks to social blogging Ridiculous Tumblr's have risen to meme stardom. Checkout: and

Taiwanese CGI meme Taiwanese CGI meme
This phenomenon first appeared thanks to Tiger Woods. Now Rooney joins the Taiwanese news CGI meme complete with granny scene (SFW)

Being a d*ckhead's cool Being a d*ckhead's cool
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Baby Carrots Extreme Baby Carrots Extreme
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The Wilderness Downtown The Wilderness Downtown
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