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Rubber Bullet October 2010
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Mums have been getting more than their fair share of internet attention in the last year, with "Mummy bloggers" being the must-have for any social media campaign. This month we see a fight back from the Dads, with a marked increase in campaigns based around fatherly themes. Our favorite fatherly campaign is "The Norton Project", a beautiful 15 minute documentary telling the story of how two sons secretly restored their father's 1960's Norton Commando motorcycle. Coming a close second is the Brooklyn Space Program, a sweet story (and amazing little film) about a father and son launching a Homemade Spacecraft into orbit. So you heard it here first: dads are the new mums . . .
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Facebook vs Twitter Facebook vs Twitter
It sounds like the start to a (bad) joke “what’s more influential a tweet or a like?, but it’s a debate that’s pretty rife amongst social media geeks...(Read on)

September #KittenCamp round-up September #KittenCamp round-up
This week #KittenCamp dished out a double dose of fuzzy fun, hosting an evening in both London and Bristol..... (Read on)

Most Viral Brands of 2010 Most Viral Brands of 2010
It’s interesting times for the film industry, as new technologies (like 3-D) and social channels (like Twitter and Facebook) open up new opportunities for film-makers to tell their stories.... (Read on)

Column BG Awesome Stuff from the internets

Urban ballet Urban ballet
Very cool body-popping video on Facebook

Oil tanker surfers Oil tanker surfers
Hawaiian lifeguards surf the wake of oil tankers to make a point about hurricanes & clean oceans

Banksy & The Simpsons Banksy & The Simpsons
Bristol's prodigal son hits Springfield

Singing fingers Singing fingers
Awesome demos of how to get your fingers singing with the new iPad.
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