Taylors Teas : Grand Beedapest Hotel

Taylors of Harrogate wanted to run a social campaign about their speciality fruit and herbal tea range. We came up with a campaign centred on one of nature’s heroes: the bee. This was a timely topic, with lots of ‘buzz’ (yes) online about sustainability and the future of the bee population. And it’s an important part of Taylors ethical approach to their work. So we decided to reward the bees for their role in creating some of nature’s most incredible flavours…

We worked with food futurologists The Robin Collective to design and build a seriously-researched, genuinely functional luxury hotel for bees. The film and surrounding campaign were fantastically received. As well as racking up 1m+ views and a great range of press coverage, we were also delighted to see endorsements and complimentary feedback from serious environmental organisations and sustainability charities. Plus, of course, the bees themselves loved it.



  • 1 million+ views
  • 3,000 + video shares
  • 20,000 + campaign/story shares

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