Audi : RS4 Ultimate Paintball

This is the definition of fun Auto Insider

We equipped two 2013 RS4 Avants with bonnet mounted replica paintball machine guns, hired two of the top stunt drivers in the UK (who once doubled for lead characters in a film set in a galaxy far far away…) and had a paintball fight in a military aircraft hangar.  As part of our launch strategy we also invited super car aficionado and UberTuber Tim Burton aka Shmee150 down to film behind the scenes and get a little bit messy.  After a long night shoot, endless cups of tea and a huge cleaning bill, the film was released to fans of the Audi marque.

Through natural viral spreading from that starting point reached 1.2 million views and mountains of critical acclaim in just one week. 

The result was one of the fastest shared videos we’ve ever made and one of the most successful social videos Audi have ever launched. The original is no longer online but reposts alone account for an additional 600k+ views and the film continues to resurface every few months on social platforms.

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