We HAZ #KittenCamp!

#KittenCamp is a meme-meet-up for web-loving publishers and ad industry people to chat memes, drink (FREE) beer and share some kitten love.

The format of the evening has three parts…

  • Monthly-mega-meme mix: featuring the top memes of the month via a vid-prez durated by Meme Master Meow. (Tweet suggestions to #KittenCamp)
  • Super awesome guest speakers: industry folks chatting about fab campaigns, memery and fun stuff from the internet.
  • Drinks and monster-musical-memes-mixer – with FREE beers.

What’s Coming Up…?

LONDON: #KittenCamp for Internet Week Europe – Monday, 12 November, 2012.

As part of a special themed event for Internet Week Europe,
#KittenCamp will be back at Barrio Central in Soho for an awesome evening of viral thrills and digital memery, with loads of super interesting guest
speakers sharing their pearls of wisdom and plenty of free beer for all.

Visit the Eventbrite page now for further details and to book your free tickets!

We have more events for London and Bristol in the pipeline for December, so watch this space for details. In the mean time you can check out our blog to catch up on what we got up to in Manchester and London at our last kitty gatherings…

Manchester did haz #KittenCamp – September 18th 2012

London #KittenCamp for Social Media Week – September 24th 2012

ยป Our Eventbrite page has the full details for all our forthcoming webinars and events.

Catch up on our kitten antics…

Never been to #KittenCamp before and want to find out what you missed? Or, just want to relive the fun? – Visit our blog to catch up on what we’ve been up to and check out our VAN Flickr for cute photos of kittens and more fun stuff!

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