Mongol Rally 2012

Mongol Rally 2012
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The Adventurists

The Brief

Promote sign-ups and chat for the epic 10,000 mile Mongol Rally 2012. Drive bloggers to talk about the Mongol Rally, when they otherwise may not have had an obvious interest.

“Excellent! Just can’t wait.”

Johnny Parsons(Youtube)

What we did

We wanted to approach bloggers directly and show them that we paid attention to what they were writing, and how the Mongol Rally was relevant to their interests.We created a short trailer to promote the rally, and recorded personalised intros to send to key influencers. The intros were centred around recent news stories and articles.

“So excited I can barely contain myself!”


The pay off

The generic trailer received over 85,000 views, and was featured on the front page in YouTube’s ╩╗Popular Videos Around The Web╩╝ section. It received more than 1,300 facebook shares and 160 tweets. The personalised intros resulted in the video being re-posted on sites such as Jalopnik, Jezebel, Trend Hunters and From Dusk 2 Dawn.

“Saw the video a few days ago, it looks an awesome trip!”

Pura Aventura

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