Federer Viral for Gillette

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Gillette and Hill and Knowlton

The brief

Hill and Knowlton came to us with a very simple brief. We would have 1 hour with tennis champion Roger Federer in Geneva to make a viral for his sponsor, Gillette, and their super sensitive shaving gel.

“This is an awesome trick by Roger Federer. MUST WATCH!!”

Shevin Mendis (Google+)

What we did

The video had to come across as real, not staged, and be entirely believable. The internet has grown cynical of publicity stunts with obvious special effects, ours had to be something you would watch again and again to answer the question “Did that really happen?”
With Hill and Knowlton, we came up with a candid ʻstuntʼ. In order to demonstrate a point, Roger Federer would hit a can off a crew memberʼs head. Twice.
The resulting video was seeded via Gilletteʼs youtube channel on blogs all over the world, to sports fans and the general public alike.

“Love viral vids! Just seen Roger Federer’s trick shot viral for Gillette. 2 million hits!! Think I need to go shave now…”

Greg Foot (Twitter)

The pay off

The video has had over 8 million views to date, 5 million of which were within the first week of release. The video and conversation surrounding it was picked up by news and media worldwide. ʻRoger Federer Trick Shotʼ was the 8th most viewed viral ad of 2010. It is some testament to the video that the ʻis it real?ʼ argument is ongoing months after the stunt.

“Hit the Viral Chart at No. 1 last week, with more than 5 million views.”

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