2013 June

21 Jun '13

Rubber Republic Gold Cannes Lion

Very excited to have won a Gold Cannes Lion for the film we wrote, shot and seeded for @CaratUK – Bodyform Responds : The Truth.

We were presented with the award, a Gold Cyber Lion for best Online Video, on … Read More

17 Jun '13

Reddit Mondays: #2 – Speak the language.

Most online forums, groups and communities have their own methods of communication. Little memes, in-jokes and acronyms that can be intimidating to the outside user, but hey, that’s pretty much the whole Internet.

Reddit is no different. So here’s a … Read More

10 Jun '13

Reddit Mondays: #1 – WTF is it?

Reddit is here to stay, so we’d better all get used to it. Alright?

For the next few Mondays we’ll be having a chat about all things Reddit, in an attempt to make the (often quite intimidating) site into … Read More

07 Jun '13

5 Friday Favourites

Hi. It’s Jess checking in for my last blog this week.

Spending time with Rubber Republic has been a great experience and has given me a real insight into their process of making creative viral content for client brands. I’ve … Read More

06 Jun '13

Coca-Cola: Happiness without Borders

Coca-Cola equals happiness. Fact. From the Coca-Cola Christmas ads of the 90s to the recent ‘Sharing Can’ ad campaign, Coca-Cola has always provided an antidote to our modern day woes.

Rubber Republic’s viral cravings are curbed by this Coca-Cola ad … Read More

05 Jun '13

Midweek Meow.

I’m Jess and I’m taking over the Rubber Republic blog whilst here on work experience this week.

Of all the sophistiCATS Rubber Republic are familiar with, Choupette Lagerfeld (the feline friend of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld) has to be our … Read More