2013 February

26 Feb '13

NEW WORK – Audi RS ‘The Duel’

How can you better the rip-snorting fun to be had in an Audi RS4?

Mount paintball cannons on the bonnets and have a dogfight in a mothballed MOD fighter jet hangar, that’s how.

Corwin could not believe his luck … Read More

12 Feb '13

Oh, hello there

Tiff’s out the office today so it falls to me, the newbie, Tom (or Wayne – either’s good) to provide February’s bloggery. Here goes. Sorry – I should introduce myself properly: Hello. I’m Tom. I write things. So… I … Read More

01 Feb '13

The Internet : January 2013 Edition

Apparently it’s 2013, which means that we survived the Mayan Apocalypse so now we’re free to just get on with our lives.

Incase you’ve not been online much this year, here are some things that have happened so far…

1) … Read More