2012 May

29 May '12

#KittenCamp round-up – May Digital Shoreditch special

What up, LOLhunters,

Thanks to all for coming to #KittenCamp May Digital Shoreditch special. What a great night!

More pictures here

And here’s what went down:

Epic meme battling commenced with Meme Master Meow taking on a new LOLPuppy … Read More

25 May '12

Conan O’Brien explains the importance of seeding

Conan O’Brien: The ‘Ron Burgundy’ Strategy Drives Viewers from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on

I’m sure you don’t need persuading that a seeding strategy is crucial. But you might need ammunition for someone else less convinced?

This … Read More

24 May '12

Please let us ‘Patron-ize’ you

Lever…age? Arbitr…age? There’s a new ‘…age’ in Business Town and it’s called ‘Patron-age’.

We’ve been trying to decide for a while now how to celebrate genuinely awesome remarkable campaigns?

We wanted something symbolic of ‘Excess’ (smashing campaign targets & … Read More

15 May '12

Magic ‘Tate’ Ball

Now this has been worth waiting for. Over a year if the truth be told, but ‘All good things etc….”

Our good friends (and erstwhile Rubber cohorts) Thought Den have just launched the Magic Tate Ball app … Read More

11 May '12

Breaking Bacon

It’s Friday.

That means delicious bacon sandwiches delivered to our office by the wonderful bacon fairies at 40 Alfred Place.

It also happens to be the same Friday that BreakingGifs launched an ARG to win some fabulous limited edition … Read More

03 May '12

#KittenCamp May Digital Shoreditch Special

Kittens ahoy!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re running a Digital Shoreditch #KittenCamp Special

NEXT #KITTENCAMP LONDON date: Mon 28th May, in a special East London venue to tie-in with Digital Shoreditch

Expect the usual *viral shenanigans*, further *meme-battling* … Read More