2012 January

30 Jan '12

Dope Zebra, The Bark Side and The Best Virals of the Week

This week on the viral charts, a dope zebra, a chorus of singing dogs and a snoring door mouse. Check out the branded chart here and the UCG here or view some of our favourites below.

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24 Jan '12

Rubber Republic cross platform workshop days

In response to client interest, we’ve started running cross platform TV workshops, looking at how to create online components of TV shows, and market those programmes socially / virally online in elegant and cost effective ways.

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23 Jan '12

Pigeons get a shock in Trafalgar Square

If you happened to be in or around Trafalgar Square early this morning you may have noticed an enormous glowing sun suspended underneath Nelson’s column.

Installation artists Greyworld created #TraflagarSun as part of Tropicana’s ‘Brighter Mornings’ campaign.

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20 Jan '12

More Memey Goodness for London and Manchester

Great news! After a super-successful Xmas Memetacular, and having shaken off the January blues, #KittenCamp is back to kick ass in 2012!

London date: Mon Feb 13th – the start of Social Media Week

Manchester date: Wed 22nd Feb

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13 Jan '12

#KittenCamp London and Bristol round up

In the run up to Christmas the #KittenCamp crew dug out the tinsel and santa hats for an extra special festive themed Xmas Meme-tacular. Joined in London by our lovely friends from The Reel on the Monday, then on to … Read More

12 Jan '12

The best of Tumblr 2011

Since Buzzfeed made a list of their favourite Tumblogs from the last 12 months we thought we’d do the same.

Here’s what had us lolling.

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Kim Jong Il dropping the Bass

Texts From Bennett

Photoshop Looter

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05 Jan '12

Tate – Race Against Time

We’re pleased to announce that wer’re currently working with Tate, seeding their fantastic new mobile app “Race Against Time”. A cute, and very addictive game which combines art and gaming and sees a plucky chameleon rescuing power colours from major … Read More