2011 August

31 Aug '11

New Era Introducing

Just a quickie, but we wanted check in and say how excited we were to be involved with the awesome New Era Introducing campaign.

The contest is already generating lots of buzz online and has even been featured on the … Read More

30 Aug '11

#TumblrTuesday – 3 Reasons Why Fashion Brands are Dominating Tumblr

As a platform that relies on recycled and repurposed content, Tumblr should be a haven for brands looking to cement their campaigns into the digital space, but so far only one niche seems to have this licked.

Branded fashion blogs … Read More

12 Aug '11

#KittenCamp September London

Rubber Republic and VAN are pleased to announce that #KittenCamp is back once again for another dose of London meme-lovin’.

Expect the usual *viral shenanigans*, a third round of intense *meme-battling* and free beer courtesy of VAN 😉

To get … Read More

09 Aug '11

#TumblrTuesday – Anarchy in the UK

Unless you’ve been living under a rock/don’t have Twitter, you’ll have noticed that there have been riots in London. Big, horrible, angry riots with widespread looting and fires. So, in that vein, our #TumblrTuesday is dedicated to two (very different) … Read More

05 Aug '11


First they brought you free beer at #KittenCamp, and now…

#icecreamcrawl is coming to YOU!

Viral Ad Network believes in sharing. Delicious sharing.

That’s why the Viral Ad Network crew will be #icecreamcrawl-ing their way around London and Bristol, sharing … Read More

05 Aug '11

Burning Rubber 2011

Last friday was a chance for us to celebrate 10 years of all things Rubber by taking some time to get together, play games, cook food, drink cider and burn things. Everyone who does and has worked for Team Rubber … Read More

02 Aug '11

#TumblrTuesday – Shark Week, Space Travel and Strange Geriatrics

Every year, for one week only, the Internet adopts the shark as its official mascot and it’s all down to the Discovery Channel’s eternal stroke of genius Shark Week

With this in mind, the coveted first #TumblrTuesday … Read More