2011 July

29 Jul '11

We’re Off…

…To burn things to celebrate ten years of all things Rubber.

Work will resume on Monday.

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26 Jul '11

#TumblrTuesday – Finding God, Talk Show Trash and Tasteful Offense

#TumblrTuesday is in full effect this week and one Tumblr in particular has captured my heart and imagination like no other.

Enter “Holy Maury Mother of God”, a place where trashy talk show screen grabs and glorious GIFs come together … Read More

20 Jul '11

Buttery Biscuity #KittenCamp

Last night’s #KittenCamp went off with a purr and a bang yet again – mostly thanks to our stupendously awesome list of *special guests* supporting my furry meme-curation.

Up first we had our bombastic *meme-battle* between Meme-Master-Meow (me) and the … Read More

19 Jul '11

#TumblrTuesday – Parental Revenge, Alcoholic Owls and Suicidal Shih tzus

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to Tumblr down the rabbit hole again.

Add these to your dash or else.

I hate my parents “These kids hate what is being done to them, but one day they will get their … Read More

15 Jul '11

Top Tennis Tip

Our Gillette Federer Trick Shot viral has topped the Mashable “Most Shared Tennis Ads of All Time” list. Great news with which to head out the door on a Friday evening 🙂

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12 Jul '11

#TumblrTuesday – Online Dating, Dirty Herbs and Velociraptors

It’s that time again…

It seems like lately my favourite day of the week rolls around so quickly. I barely have time to reblog a classic cat gif, before taking on the wonderful task of trawling through Tumblr and panning … Read More

11 Jul '11

Viral Chart Round Up – Doritos, Disney & Dr House does L’Oreal

Heading up the Viral Chart this week is latest teaser from the upcoming 20th Century Fox release “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which shows soldiers giving an ape a loaded gun and then fleeing the … Read More

05 Jul '11

Tumblr Tuesday 05/07/11

It’s #TumblrTuesday again! That excellent bit of the week where we hunt down some of the most brilliant Tumblr blogs on the web and put them through an intense vetting process before feeding you only the very tastiest morsels. 

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