We are very excited today.

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Very excited indeed.

‘Mini Thor’ [] has been uploaded onto the official Marvel channel and we hope you get as much enjoyment watching it as we’ve had making it.

The gods certainly played their hand: We received the original brief on the same weekend that Volkswagen and their agency US Deutsch launched the awesome Vader / Passat SuperBowl spot a few months ago. Like 36 million+ others we loved the spot but wondered what would happen if one little badass replaced another?

Our response stands on the shoulders of this truly epic ad and owes enormous debt of gratitude to the generosity of VW who let us play with their original concept. So thank you Stefan (VW), Dave (Marvel), Heath & Emma (Paramount), Veronica & Hi-Sim who all made this happen in a very short time frame.

[Incidentally we got to see the movie last night and it is fabulous - Thor officially opens in UK cinemas April 28th ]

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One Response to Thor-some!

  1. Adam Abu-Nab says:

    By the beard of Odin! Love it!

    Especially the dog’s name…Loki is Thor’s bitch…

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