2010 December

21 Dec '10

Most viral brands of 2010 [infographic]

2010 has definitely been a great year for brands going viral. After a relatively slow start to year with only the Old Spice campaign adding any spice to the digital marketing sphere, things hotted up around the World Cup with … Read More

20 Dec '10

2011 – The Year of Internet TV?

Internet TV has seen a rise this year with ITV and Channel4 both improving their streaming services, YouTube providing content from UK channels, BBC iPlayer updates including social sharing as well as a rise of 3rd party aggregators such as … Read More

20 Dec '10

Merry Christmas from Rubber Republic

In the festive spirit, we have made a quick competitive Christmas Game called ‘Evil Santa’. The goal of the game is to get the highest score and be careful which presents you collect.

If you score over … Read More

08 Dec '10

Manky #KittenCamp 2

So the odds were against us: there was Man United vs Valencia playing @ Old Trafford, #SMC_MCR doing there thing @ BBC Manchester and then there was lil old #KittenCamp @ Bar Common. But, there was only going to be … Read More

07 Dec '10

Manky Kitten Camp Playlist

Patty-Cake Cats – Voiceover

Maru <3

Cat vs. Printer

Cute Kitten Hugs Teddy Bear

Ducks Blown Off

Obama Kicks the Door Open

Classic Video Games Characters Race

Nicholas Cage Losing His Shit

I am Harry Potter

I … Read More

03 Dec '10

Is it a Lightsabre?? Blade Runner??

Nope…….it’s Liz with a Megamind umbrella!

Megamind is out this week and we’ve got a couple of umbrellas in the office that we’ve been putting to good use; re-enacting classic scenes from Blade Runner and lightsabre duels from Star Wars.

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01 Dec '10

The week in internet…

The Cupsize Choir

The Lineker Poo

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Public Figures Look At Things

Cat Fight

Classic Video Game Characters Race

Michael Jordan Responds To Lebron (Original Video Mash-Up) “Maybe You Should Rise”

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