September #KittenCamp round-up

DSC01199This week #KittenCamp dished out a double dose of fuzzy fun, hosting an evening in both London and Bristol. As part our #KittenCamp tour we were spreading the kitten love across the UK in Barrio Central (Soho) on Monday and Goldbrick House (Bristol) on Tuesday.

For anyone who doesn’t know, #KittenCamp is a meet-up for web-loving, media types to chat about some of the latest internet memes, have a chuckle over a few recent YouTube virals and generally share the kitten goodness.

Among the host of cat clips, which included the ominous inception cat, a cat bullying feisty tortoise and the talented DJ Kitty, was the Herding Cats experiment for Ikea.

YouTube Preview Image

And of course any successful viral can expect to become fodder for a series of parody remakes and this hilarious Ikea remix does not disappoint!

YouTube Preview Image

Anyone who has been following KittenCamp for a while will be familiar with the Auto Tune guys by now, we think they are awesome so here’s one of their latest remixes.

YouTube Preview Image

One video that’s set tongues wagging and sparked debate raging across internet message boards recently is the Federer Trick Shot video that Rubber Republic produced with Hill and Knowlton for Gillette. Featuring a William Tell style brilliant serve by Federer that managed to knock a bottle right off a man’s head, not once but twice! Too good to be true? People love a good ‘real or fake’ debate, with the likes of GMTV and Maori TV trying to replicate the stunt and Federer even being quizzed by a Sky Sport’s journalist as to how he did it ; “A magician never reveals his tricks” was Federer’s cool response and that’s as much as we are going to say. And of course the mark of any strong meme is re-mixing – one of our favorites being this gruesome re-mix.

And finally the Dickhead Finale, just because we always used to end our show with a unicorn clip but we ran out of good ones so we found this instead, which made us laugh, A LOT!

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. Join the KittenCamp Facebook group to keep up to date on future events and cat related news!

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  1. Claire says:

    This blog needs some post love. Just signed up for the 21st, sounds brilliant. Only realised you guys are behind it after sign-up – SHOULD have guessed! See you then :)

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