2010 September

29 Sep '10

September #KittenCamp round-up

This week #KittenCamp dished out a double dose of fuzzy fun, hosting an evening in both London and Bristol. As part our #KittenCamp tour we were spreading the kitten love across the UK in Barrio Central (Soho) on Monday and … Read More

20 Sep '10

#KittenCamp 5 Playlist

Kitten Intro

Dog Reply

Meme Ads

Effective use of kittens


Effective use of pandas

Effective use of cute kids in an ad

Taiwanese CGI News

This month’s autotuned favourites..

An old favorite – Double Rainbow

Tornado guys go double … Read More

17 Sep '10

#kittencamp London still has room in teh kitteh litter. Bristol iz full.

Part of me just wanted to write a blog post because I love this image (granted the original is a lot more humorous) and another part feels a responsibility to send word that the Bristol Kitten Camp is now … Read More

06 Sep '10

Most viral brands of 2010

We (@Rubber_Republic) run the NMA’s brand viral chart, collating and analysing the performance of brand content on a weekly basis – all done using our natty Viral Ad Network. As a quick round up of the year so far, we’ve … Read More

02 Sep '10

Tips on transmedia film-making and marketing

It’s interesting times for the film industry, as new technologies (like 3-D) and social channels (like Twitter and Facebook) open up new opportunities for film-makers to tell their stories, engage audiences and ultimately generate greater revenues for the studios.

In … Read More