2010 August

31 Aug '10

Knowledge that adds = happy face Andy

Heinz have a little warning on some cans of soup, something like: ‘over-cooking may impair the flavour’.

That’s a neat summary of how too much information can accidentally destroyed the mystique of something. It happened to me recently with the … Read More

25 Aug '10

What crowdsourcing can learn from Who Wants to be a Millionaire

I’ve been reading a new book called Smart Swarms recently. It’s one of those Tipping Point / Wikinomics types pop social science books, which doles out huge hunks of insightful wisdom. In Smart Swarm’s case, the book looks at how … Read More

19 Aug '10

Rubber make NMA front cover

As you may – or may not – know, we run the Viral Charts for NMA using our super-duper Viral Ad Network. To round-up the first half of the year, NMA have (with our help) put together an overview of … Read More

17 Aug '10

Montpellier Airport site hijacked by web protester

An anti-Sarkozy protester has hacked into Montpellier Airport’s website to vent his frustrations.

For over two hours yesterday, tourists and travellers hoping to fly from the southern French airport were greeted with “F**k You Sarkozy (stop support israel)” (sic).

This … Read More

16 Aug '10

#KittenCamp 4 Playlist

Flying Kitteh

Slide Kitteh

Social Media Movie Trailers

Facebook Original

YouTube Parody

Twitter Parody

And a terrible movie trailer

Bed Intruder


Auto-tune Remix

Orchestral Remix

Japanese Guitar Remix

Double Rainbow

Double KFC

Auto-tune Remix

A day in the … Read More

13 Aug '10

Too much knowledge = sad face Andy

Peter Gabriel has a song “Solsbury Hill”. I figured that Solsbury Hill was a real place, probably near Bath. Wikipedia knows the answer of course. But now I know too much about the song, and what was mysterious and enigmatic … Read More

13 Aug '10
11 Aug '10

I can’t think of a snappy title. Honesty wins.

I just went through my (too long) list of draft, never-published blog posts…found these links.

‘New’ is addictive. Here’s some stuff that’s not new. Don’t matter though, try em anyway.

I should just fricking put these links on Twitter … Read More

11 Aug '10

Spice up your sharing

Adam wrote a nice post about agency sharing over on our Team Rubber blog. Made me think…agency sharing arrives in several flavours:

-‘meta’ posts (like this one). These are about the practice of blogging / tweeting / sharing itself. How … Read More

10 Aug '10

Sometimes all you need is to be in the right place at the right time

A one-time mystery man is proving that you just need to be in the right place at the right time to get your campaign noticed and become viral.

Paul Yarrow, whose name was only discovered very recently, has been making … Read More