2010 July

30 Jul '10

Postr…now up to *one* user(s)!

The redoubtable Tim Jones at True Digital is Postr user #1 🙂

What’s Postr?

For being the first, I sent Tim a Postr two-fer 😮

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23 Jul '10

Manky #KittenCamp Playlist

So last night Mel + Chris Q (aka meme-master-meow) took #KittenCamp on tour up to Manchester – thanks to the tweet-loving @Rebeccawho. The event was awesome – as always. Thanks to Common for hosting the event + thanks to the … Read More

21 Jul '10

Introducing Postr

I’ve invented a thing called “Postr”.

How does it work? I write something interesting and useful on a 2″ sticky note and send it to you by post. Character limit: whatever fits (not a lot, unless I write teeny-tiny).

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21 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

I arrived in Paris last night on a crammed TGV from Marseille – air traffic controllers are on strike – standing room only while doing a high speed (180mph) 3 hour journey. Insanity. After a meal in a lovely Japonese … Read More

16 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

PMU bars, nesquick, Zinedine Zidane, unsalted butter, police in galoshes, saucisson, menthe a l’eau, baguettes, croissants, bonne maman, blue road signs, UHT milk, flags, short men in espadrilles, yellow headlamps, dog poo, twingos, gauloises, garlic and onions, window shutters, boulevards, … Read More

14 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

I arrived in Marseille late last night, just in time for the 14th of July celebrations. For those who don’t know, on this day back in 1789 the people of France, decided to rid themselves of aristocrats and the … Read More

14 Jul '10

From London with love.

I have been working in our London office for the past couple of days. I feel a bit like Paddington bear, bemused and awash with slick city hordes who know where they’re are going, and asking every bus driver and … Read More

14 Jul '10

Where’s Nessa?

Nessa is rolling around France in search of new Rubber lovers.

Update from her travel:

She is Marseille !

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10 Jul '10

Sustrans’ ‘My National Cycle Network’ campaign live…

The awesome Sustrans, who have built a network of cycle tracks across the whole of the UK, just launched their My National Cycle network campaign which challenges people to make a film about their use of the National Cycle Network. … Read More

08 Jul '10

Rubber Republic go bowling!

This week we decided it would be a good idea to go bowling. Turns out it was a good idea. We went to The Lanes which is a particularly nice bowling venue in Bristol and is particularly close to Rubber … Read More