2010 June

29 Jun '10

City of Scars


Only 10 days ago we blogged about Mortal Kombat Rebirth and when transmedia becomes fansmedia.

How awesome it was then to see another group of fans – Bat in the Sun – create this similarly gritty 30 minute … Read More

28 Jun '10

Transmedia TV programme-making tips

TV was (is) the original social media. Whether it’s with a friend down the pub, a colleague in the office or your parents on the phone, a “did you see” conversation is a staple of anyone’s social life. Yet, although … Read More

25 Jun '10

The curse of ‘Writing The Future’

Don’t get me wrong, I like the other 17 million viewers on YouTube loved this ad!

At a time when everyone has dismissed advertising as anachronistic, Nike reminded us of how to do it by making a showstopper … Read More

24 Jun '10

Sexy Dutch Power

Other than Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka’ and Drogba, the real stars of this World Cup in South Africa are 36 blonde Dutch girls, having become the talk of the web.

Last Monday they were removed from the Soccer City Stadium … Read More

21 Jun '10

How Henry the Hoover turned video star

I grew up with Henry. He was there on my first day at school. He was there when I graduated. Henry’s become like a brother to me. A brother with a massive schnozz and a passion for cleaning. And because … Read More

18 Jun '10

When transmedia becomes fansmedia

If media artists are going to be pushed to extend their offerings across platforms, shouldn’t they be thinking about how these practices can be exploited to create richer aesthetic experiences, to support the creativity and engagement of fans, to … Read More

17 Jun '10

Bilderberg protest gets viral

Two weeks ago, in Sitges (Barcelona) a group of 150 people met in front of Hotel Dolce – where the Bilderberg Club meeting was being held – to protest against the establishment of the New World Order. The protest was … Read More

17 Jun '10

Why I’m in love with *Bear*

So, my girlfriend is eternally trying to get me to eat more healthily. As part of her fight against my KitKat addiction, she recently started slipping bags of granola into my work bag. And that’s where my love of *Bear* … Read More

15 Jun '10

Now you can buy drugs with a credit card

I came across this the other day – and it’s a real potential game changer for the world of e-commerce. Square is a new mobile credit card payment device which simply plugs into your iPhone (or iPad or any other … Read More

14 Jun '10

Do you want to play Italian Football?

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is coming soon but who said that only the football champions can be great masters of the ball? All football fans like to see some incredible ball skill and control, and those that can … Read More