2010 May

27 May '10

Sónar: 17 years of provocation

This year, Sónar – the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art – is to be held simultaneously in Barcelona and A Coruña, from the 17th – 19th June. Apart from being an international benchmark for electronic music, it’s … Read More

26 May '10

The Guardian’s Greatest Internet Sports Games Of ALL Time!

I should have blogged this a fortnight ago but I see from The Guardian’s iPhone app (which incidentally is well worth £2.39 if you don’t already have it) that The Guardian’s Greatest Internet Sports Games Of All Time is … Read More

26 May '10

Spend a penny with Vivì

In Italy many blogs are talking about a new strange product, Vivì. I quote:

Vivì is created by NASA research directed by the mind of Dr. Philip Plinton, which wanted to revolutionize the future by offering … Read More

24 May '10

6’66” – Sympathy For The Devil (…or how to make Powerpoint interesting)

[Image courtesy of : Wendelboe on Flickr]

The *devil* in question was indeed the force of office evil that is Powerpoint, and Tom Alcott from the Social Network Company gave us a masterclass in how to keep presentations succinct, … Read More

20 May '10

Thinking outside of the niche with big seed propagation planning

We’ve previously blogged on how you can buy social media potential with the valuable combination of the small seed (natural seeding/advocacy within a niche) and a media buy’s big seed (seeding to a bigger, aggregated audience of lesser influential people). … Read More

17 May '10

Is this a J.J. Abrams easter egg?

I loved the viral marketing campaign for Cloverfield almost as much as the film itself. The buzz around the first teaser trailer, in which you glimpsed the Cloverfield monster passing between New York skyscrapers sent movie fans into speculation … Read More

12 May '10

#kittencamp tackles election issues over a beer or two …

Last night’s inaugural #kittencamp got off to a beery General Election-themed flying start, with talks from the Albion creative behind Slapometer and the agency behind Nick Clegg’s Labservative campaign.

In addition to the election presentations, Rubber’s Chris Quigley wore … Read More

11 May '10

Top 10 Memes of the Month – #KittenCamp Playlist

Next Kitten Camp confirmed June 8th -RSVP:

UPDATE – pics of the evening:

Welcome to the first Kitten Camp playlist of the top 10 memes of the month.

It seems only fitting that we kick off Kitten … Read More

07 May '10

Cornelius off to Brum!…

Cornelius is off to Birmingham today ready to find out what the great and good think of cycle paths in that neck of the woods and spread the Sustrans love! . He’s already drummed up some interest – thanks for … Read More

07 May '10

Join us at #KittenCamp

We’re pleased to announce that the next #KittenCamp will be taking place next Tuesday (11th) evening – so do come and join us!

If you haven’t heard of it before, #KittenCamp is a monthly meet-up for web-loving ad industry types … Read More