2010 April

29 Apr '10

Cornelius and the rain…

So Cornelius had an adventure today as planned. But unfortunately it was of the damp kind. Cornelius’ voyage of human discovery will now happen on revised dates, starting next Monday, in Bristol.

Bristol May 3rdRead More

28 Apr '10

Come and meet Cornelius…

For the next three days, we’re going to be out and about on the cycle tracks of Britain with our own time travelling tweed clad alien, Cornelius. He’s going to be being chauffeured around the country interviewing people in his … Read More

26 Apr '10

Cog meme is still fresh as a daisy

This week’s NMA Viral Brand Chart reminded me that the cog meme which first came to prominence with the Honda Accord ‘Cog’ ad has got some serious legs.

Google’s new Chrome ad – which has gone straight in at 3 … Read More

23 Apr '10

Channel hopping with viral content

‘Allo, ‘allo! Ah oui – 2010 has become the year for making real live, face-to-face contact with our international blogging amis.

Last Friday (16th April), Frédérik Porquier from My Screens invited me to an underground film bloggers gathering in Paris. … Read More

21 Apr '10

RIP internet meme

I was saddened to read that massively popular internet meme ‘Hitler finds out … ‘ is as doomed as the Third Reich leader’s attempt to win the war.

Internet memes don’t get better than this … you take a … Read More

19 Apr '10

NMA viral video chart insight

The much-anticipated launch of Apple’s iPad earlier this month was one of those online calendar events millions of people look forward to with baited breath.

The unveiling of the product live on stage by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, has … Read More

19 Apr '10

#KittenCamp re-scheduled (due to oddness)

UPDATE: #KittenCamp has been re-scheduled from Tuesday 27th April to a new date of Tuesday 11th May. Apologies for any inconvenience for this change of date, but something bizarre happened to the venue at the weekend meaning that it’s been … Read More

15 Apr '10

Sales idol – participants wanted

The elevator pitch: We’ve got three companies (Delib, Rubber Republic, Viral Ad Network) with great offerings and long lists of targets. We’re after a little more help to directly connect the two. We’re looking for one or two enthusiastic people … Read More

10 Apr '10

Say hello to #KittenCamp

Kitten camp is a monthly meet up to drink beer and chat about the latest memes and social media shizzle organised by the nice people from Rubber Republic (us) and the Viral Ad Network.

Come along if … Read More

06 Apr '10

Viral Ad Network partners with New Media Age

How do you measure the success of an online video campaign? Is success based on the weight of views or does the natural pass along effect of people sharing among friends, peers, family members and social networks provide a true … Read More