2010 March

31 Mar '10

How to make games on Twitter

Both gaming and Twitter are massive growth areas in the media sphere, so the idea of games within Twitter is media gold-dust. To get an insight into what’s being done and what’s possible, I wrote up some notes from a … Read More

29 Mar '10

iFeatures final 6!

So we’re in the final 6 of the fantastic iFeatures scheme in Bristol. Phew, and thanks to lots of hard work from writer Carol Noble and producer Nick Pitt. Our film “The Bristol Job” will tell the story of an … Read More

17 Mar '10

Lady Gaga’s $167 pay check

Listening to Daniel Ek from Spotify today @ SXSW’s closing keynote was interesting. Not so much interesting for what he said, but more for what he didn’t say and what the Twitter back chat was saying instead.

For the CEO … Read More

14 Mar '10

Reveling in dorkery – tales from SXSW #1

I was in my element last night, reveling in dorkery at the Dorkbot event @SXSW.

If you’ve never heard of Dorkbot before, it’s a movement “doing strange things with electricity”. And the stuff in question that was being demoed here … Read More

11 Mar '10

Lessons in Shareability #2: OK Go have OK Gone.

So a few month’s ago, Chris blogged about the importance of shareability, using the example OK Go’s inability to set their videos free on the internet (EMI forbade making them embeddable).

This was a very good example of how content … Read More

09 Mar '10

The TV ad they don’t want you to see

Admittedly, the headline on this blog post is sensational and a little bit dramatic, but it is true to say that a new Paddy Power campaign failed to win approval from the relevant authorities for airing on TV.

In light … Read More

08 Mar '10

Visualising the internet

The BBC has published a very snazzy, interactive map showing how internet penetration has deepened and spread across the globe between 1988 and 2008.

A simple slider enables you to skip through the years, picking out landmark … Read More

02 Mar '10

The social media donut (how to buy social media)

What’s so annoyingly complicated about social media buying is that you’re not just buying the media, but you’ve also got to factor in buying the social bit too. And when it comes to buying social things get a way bit … Read More