2010 February

22 Feb '10

If social media is earned media then how do you buy it?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, the US trade body for the online advertising industry, has just published its first ever social media buyer’s guide.

Some will argue that social media cannot be bought, and as such is earned media. The idea … Read More

22 Feb '10

Developing social media models for football clubs

Following on my previous post about the Social Media Premier League looking at which clubs are doing well at social media, and which haven’t got themselves sorted out yet, we’ve now put together some thoughts about how clubs should be … Read More

21 Feb '10

How to make Mac Keynote presentations smaller? Top tip – Default to JPEG…

Is your Keynote programme being a big fat c**k?

At Team Rubber most of us use Mac’s all day every day. Ever use the Shift + Apple + 4 screenshot function? We all do. Ever noticed how sometimes Keynote presentations … Read More

17 Feb '10

The social media Premiership – the winners and losers.

Football and social media are perfect bed-fellows. Football teams command great allegiance from their fans and accordingly strong communities are built – each community gathering online to discuss their team’s latest game / transfer / scandal. For the majority, the … Read More

16 Feb '10

iFeatures blogs launch

The iFeatures blogs (which we’re in the finals of) have launched over at the iFeatures website. Check out our team blog here and all the teams in the iFeatures final here.

Our project is called “The Bristol Job” and is … Read More

15 Feb '10

Rubber Book Club #3: ‘Connected’

‘Tis Rubber Book Club again and hopefully by now, a few copies of ‘Connected’ will be landing on the desks of our Rubber friends & Book Club Members.

Yes ‘Connected’ may be a bit of a predictable choice: … Read More

11 Feb '10

What stories do people want to share? The most awesome of course

Do people prefer to share the good or the bad? Would you rather gossip online or spread stuff that leaves your friends, peers and social networks awestruck?

These are some of the questions the New York Times pondered amid a … Read More

10 Feb '10

Lessons from Toyota

Toyota has problems. Eight Million problems. It’s interesting that this has attracted so much attention from mainstream quality media such as the Today programme. My own interest in Toyota – of which some of you are well aware – is … Read More

09 Feb '10

Blogging the Superbowl ads

The Superbowl might be two days old (an eternity in the blogosphere these days if my esteemed colleague Adam Abu-Nab or the Abu-nator to those on Twitter is to be believed), but despite being in danger of pushing ‘old’ news … Read More

08 Feb '10

Twitter outage during Superbowl silences voices

One of the curious things about Twitter is that the service doesn’t always deliver on what you’d expect from something that is endlessly talked about.

Amid the hype, celebrity endorsements and impressive growth rate (although the steep curve has flat … Read More