2010 January

29 Jan '10

The Bell Curve of Insanity

So following on my conversation with the Devil on my Brand Republic Blog, I’ve modelled sane vs insane blog postings and comments derived from a viral campaign (or in fact anything that remotely generates conversation). I’ve called this the “Bell … Read More

25 Jan '10

My late night encounter with Venus Williams and Google

While lying in bed last night I was keen to find out the score of Venus Williams’ fourth-round match in the Australian Open (like you do).

I had been watching the match on my … Read More

25 Jan '10

Perhaps Social Media isn’t for everyone. Yet

A New-Year’s post from Vanksen got me thinking- more specifically this part:

Brands must facilitate their own appropriation and distribution by relinquishing a share of control to users, which will ideally reward them with enthusiasm and positive traction in the … Read More

20 Jan '10

Are trolls bad for our health?

According to actual scientific evidence, the internet has the power to turn normal people into complete idiots.

These idiots inhabit forums, threads, message boards, blogs and discussion groups posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic comments, with the primary intent of … Read More

17 Jan '10

3D comes of age…

I went to see Avatar for the second time on Friday night. The first time I saw it left me so awed I had to go and experience it again.

There are many people saying good things about the film … Read More

15 Jan '10

Is the wisdom of the crowd being pushed aside by the meanness of the mob?

A new book is making waves by challenging the idea that open-source is a positive force for good. It looks like becoming one of this year’s most talked about “manifestos” and like last year’s ‘Free: The Future of a Radical … Read More

13 Jan '10

How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips

We’ve put together a handy article for UTalkMarketing: How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips from Rubber Republic.

It’s a nice summary of what we’ve learned in the last ten or so years. Cheers – Andy

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11 Jan '10

It’s a Wonderful mash-up

If you thought there was enough personal information contained on Facebook already, hang on to your (bra) straps for just one second there.

Two viral campaigns caught my eye on Facebook over the weekend. The first one turned up in … Read More

08 Jan '10

10 predictions for advertising in 2010 | Creativity_Unbound

Our creative director Matt just sent me this, it’s quick and interesting: 10 predictions for advertising in 2010 | Creativity_Unbound.

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06 Jan '10

Branding the Arrows

Every year before Christmas, my University friends catch up over a drink or two to share news, stories and celebrate the festive season.

It was left to a chap called Mark to organise this year’s shindig for friends, wives and … Read More