2009 November

30 Nov '09

YouTube turns back the clock in first ad campaign

TV ads, press ads and bus sides is not the most obvious place for YouTube to turn to for its first ad campaign. After all, the YouTube phenomenon was built on the back of online buzz and word-of-mouth.

However, the … Read More

29 Nov '09

2009 was all about viral, media, awesome …

Well, that’s according to a Tweet Cloud out of a year of tweets for @rubber_republic. ‘Viral’, ‘media’, and ‘awesome’ are the top three words.

Others popular words included ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ so no one can accuse Rubber Republic’s Twitter presence … Read More

26 Nov '09

New Avatar trailer + Adobe AIR = win

The jury is still out on whether James Cameron’s eagerly anticipated new movie Avatar will live up the hype. The Rubber office is split down the middle between those eager to see it and those who were left feeling under … Read More

23 Nov '09

Would you pay for Twitter?

Paying for content or online services that were previously free has become a recurrent theme of late.

Rupert Murdoch is determined to make people pay for his newspapers, and has even threatened to pull content from Google.

The threat … Read More

20 Nov '09

Remix selecta!

“This world in which we pretend that we’re not all copyright criminals is like the Victorians who pretended that they didn’t masturbate”

A pretty strong analogy perhaps but this is just one of the gems in RiP! A Remix … Read More

19 Nov '09

Coca-Cola brings viral to the London Underground

A friend of mine said to me recently that it doesn’t feel like Christmas until the seasonal Coca-Cola ad campaign breaks and Starbucks starts selling coffee in festive cups.

She will probably love Coke’s new idea to promote its annual … Read More

17 Nov '09

How Paranormal Activity re-wrote the movie marketing rules

How do you build anticipation around a horror movie made on a shoestring budget with next to no marketing budget?

In the cutthroat world of movie making, films live and die on back of their opening weekend gross at … Read More

13 Nov '09

Killer clip gives Bee-BC nature series new lease of “Life”

We have been seeding weekly teaser clips from BBC’s new flagship nature series “Life”. This one’s just gone live and it’s creating unrivaled buzz on YouTube.

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13 Nov '09

Google’s vision of the future: Chinese domination, social media and … JedWard

If you work online and want to remain relevant and adaptable in 2014, you had better start taking Mandarin language lessons if Google’s Eric Schmidt is to be believed.

The search engine giant’s CEO has claimed that five years from … Read More

13 Nov '09

Me and Shel Israel

So, there I was chatting away to a nice lady (Orla) next to the toilets of the the Lewis Media Centre (there is a relevance) explaining (rather loudly) why I was so excited to hear Shel Isreal talk when – … Read More