2009 October

30 Oct '09

BBC Life goes down well on Twitter

A great Wordle Tag cloud of the combined Tweets we’ve tracked using the #bbclife Immediately it’s a thing of beauty, but also reveals some quite dark word-combos that are frankly terrifying. I feel for the meerkats more than anything…

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30 Oct '09

Supermodels strip off for climate change

If the idea behind a viral campaign for climate change group is to make people take the threat more seriously having nine supermodels strip to their smalls is perhaps not the best way to persuade people it’s a bad … Read More

29 Oct '09

Bono boost for YouTube

YouTube is on a roll at the moment, which looks like being a good thing for users, advertisers and agencies alike after a period of what felt like continual negative press.

The video-sharing website has revealed it got close to … Read More

26 Oct '09

Twitter is like word of mouth on crack, the Peperami Animal and other tales from Media140

The breakfast of choice for the social media crowd is a healthy, humble bowl of Shredded Wheat. This was one of the Twitter generated insights Rubber Republic picked up at Media140 today.

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26 Oct '09

BrriSM is Gurt Lush

For those of you that have no idea what BrriSM is or what gurt lush is, BrriSM is a social media network group based in “Brizzle”. Gurt Lush is Bristol speak for quite good.

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24 Oct '09

Epic Ad Placement Fail

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21 Oct '09

Tom Fishburne – “Corporate Twitter”

You may have seen seen this before… tickled me even if I don’t believe Twitter (great tool by the way) will save the world (or even business).

Twitter of course excels at short succinct messages. So do cartoons. Me, … Read More

20 Oct '09

£££’s of social media monitoring for FREE

For the last few weeks, we’ve been reviewing a whole host of different social media monitoring services in the run up to the Monitoring Social Media event (November 17th) which I’m due to speak at and give some insights into … Read More

19 Oct '09

Has the viral marketing for the 2012 film gone too far? Matt talks viral ethics with the BBC World Service

Here’s a link to an MP3 of the interview

Taken from NewsHour on BBC World Service radio. Presenter was Mary-Ann Sieghart. Also featuring Doctor David Morrison, snr scientist in astrobiology with NASA. Broadcast 21:20 BST October 18th 2009

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19 Oct '09

Are marketers over-valuing Twitter?

I’ve been arguing for a while that some marketers massively over-rate Twitter when trying to measure on-line opinion. A majority of the “social media monitoring tools” put far too much emphasis on Twitter in my opinion; and now two press … Read More