2009 August

27 Aug '09

The BBC Digital Revolution

We’ve been working on launching the BBC Digital Revolution (working title) – a crowd-sourced/open-source/collaborative documentary series about the internet. Interestingly, people who post their knowledge/stories around the microsite’s content will have a chance of guiding a major and unique BBC … Read More

27 Aug '09

Charming Flashmob…

I’m a big fan of comedian Richard Herring and have been since the days of Fist of Fun and TMWRNJ

Having been to his Edinburgh warm-up for his “Hitler’s Moustache” show (which was brilliant) I’ve been following his daily blog … Read More

25 Aug '09

Visualization Kicks Butt

GoodMorning! Full Render #2 from blprnt on Vimeo.

I can’t lie visualization is nerd porn, and very good. This was tweeted to me this morning by stilgherrian

GoodMorning! is a Twitter visualization tool which shows about 11,000 tweets collected … Read More

21 Aug '09

Become a Trillionaire! Support Rubber @ SXSW

Fancy supporting the world of Rubber and becoming a Trillionaire in the process?

Click on the links below to vote and comment for our SXSW festival panel proposals. Best comment on each panel wins 1 Trillion Zimbabwean dollars!*

Simply create … Read More

17 Aug '09

Support our SXSW Panels!

SXSW is a fantastic festival held in Austin each spring. Help our panels get picked to by voting for our proposals on the hugely democratic SXSW Panel Picker. You’ll need an account at, then go to the links below … Read More

13 Aug '09

Not the Best, But in The Top One.

Hope my book of Brian Clough quotes will arrive soon. Can’t wait!

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10 Aug '09

10 Things – at PR Week

From Paul Armstrong: 10 things about social media you should know and pass on to your client.

I can’t argue with a single one of ’em; here’s Number 6 for your pleasure:

“6) The new content ecosystem is about earning … Read More

05 Aug '09

Digital Ad Spend Growth Forecast

PwC Report: Digital Ad Spend Will Grow, But Overall Market Will Shrink; analysis at paidContent:UK

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