2009 July

30 Jul '09

30 Second Later – Rushes Soho Shorts

I was part of a panel discussing the future of the 30 second spot, and the new forms of advertising that are starting to replace it yesterday at Rushes Soho Shorts festival. The event was at Soho Film Labs … Read More

28 Jul '09

Rubber Republic talking at Rushes Soho Shorts festival

Our Matt Golding is talking at two events at Rushes Soho Shorts festival tomorrow.

One is the Encounters Contentertainment talk (Soho Film Lab, 13:00) which is a private event invite only for ad industry creative directors chaired by … Read More

28 Jul '09

I’m sorry Dad, but your viral sucks.

My dad doesn’t really understand what I do. He’s 64 (nearly 65) and no matter how many times explain the nuances of viral marketing, he still struggles. Or so I thought, until he shocked me by creating his very own … Read More

27 Jul '09

Where the hell’s that bass coming from?

We’ve all been there. Driving a car, kids in the back, with the 3 year old saying “Daddy, what’s a viral? Daddy, what’s a viral?” over and over again.

It’s a tricky one- and a debate that raged around our … Read More

27 Jul '09


We have a job going at Rubber Republic for a digital account director – the type of digital guru who’s likely to hear about a job from the Twitterverse before a recruitment agency puts it on their radar. For this … Read More

23 Jul '09

Youtube Statistics widely available, raising the bar for accountability

Every client’s dream is to hit the 1 million views mark- and this is often seen as a primary measure of success. All films on Youtube appear now to have more detailed statistics which show far more about where those … Read More

23 Jul '09
22 Jul '09

Business Insider Chart of the Day: How people share content online….

A quick overview of the major players, risers, movers and shakers. If you look closely there is a thin rubber sliver on that pie-chart 😉

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20 Jul '09

Hiring Hiring Hiring

We have no less than *three* shiny new jobs to fill across Team Rubber (and a few more besides):

Rubber Republic Account Director

Financial Controller

Programming and development that doesn’t suck

Check em out, tell your friends!

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20 Jul '09

An agency it’s hard not to love

For a while I’ve been following an industry blog called Brandflakes for breakfast.  I first came across it because they’d written a nice write up about one of our campaigns, and as I kinda liked the sound of their blog … Read More