2009 January

30 Jan '09

Shiny new case studies

We’re doing a quick refresh of our case studies; one looking at the ‘creatives grow better in the South West’ campaign we did for SWRDA is below. More case studies coming soon!

Edit: it seems SlideShare’s embed code and our … Read More

23 Jan '09

How to make viral products

Following up my earlier post about “viral products”, I thought I’d post some further musings about viral products as a concept. For me viral products are the Holy Grail of business and marketing – as the core principle behind viral … Read More

20 Jan '09

T-Mobile dance off

This dance off video for T-Mobile, by Saatchi and Saatchi, isn’t that original or new – but for sheer scale and joy – you can’t fault it. Made me smile – especially as it escalated to the point where pretty … Read More

20 Jan '09

(A) God endorses YouTube

The Catholic Church are set to open a YouTube channel. The channel will feature addresses and other chat from Mr Pope. Its set to go live next week. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement for the platform (as if it needed … Read More