2008 December

12 Dec '08

Drug mule dogs and speaking baggies

FRANK, the drugs information and advice service, has launched a campaign raising awareness about the risks of cocaine use with a bang.

This year a fully integrated on & offline campaign incorporates a whole host of digital content, featuring … Read More

12 Dec '08

Youtube Orchestrates a Symphony of Marketing Genius

A campaign that has just grabbed my attention is the Youtube Symphony Orchestra.

It certainly seems to have captured the imagination of the sites budding musicians, with over a million views to the explanatory video. It gives you the … Read More

12 Dec '08

Viral semanticism: “it ain’t viral til it is”

Kudos to Faris Yakob, BL Ochman and That Canadian Girl for again highlighting why we should all be careful about our use of the term ‘viral’ and why it should be considered a verb.

Faris explains:

“Sometimes I get calls … Read More

03 Dec '08

Christmas Crappers

When you eat some dodgy turkey and your toilet’s rank and murky, diarrhoea, diarrhoea…

he Food Standards Agency (FSA) has commissioned a viral video — “Diarrhoea!” — to raise awareness of the potential hazards of Christmas leftovers.

“Diarrhoea!” has been … Read More