2008 November

28 Nov '08

Bearded Ladyboarding anyone?!

For those who haven’t been introduced to the sport of Bearded Ladyboarding yet, Rubber Republic have created the concept to help promote the Oregon Scientific’s ActionCam – the mini-everything-proof-video camera popular amongst extreme sports fans.

Bearded Ladyboarding pretty much does … Read More

25 Nov '08

Gladwell’s success by numbers

In the introduction to his talk last night, Malcolm Gladwell self-depricatingly announced that he hadn’t given his talk a specific title. Usually, he said, he’d come up with some obscure title for his talks involving Freud – for example “Freuds’s … Read More

20 Nov '08

Skills charity uses comedy animation Dudecorp to connect audiences with greatplaces2work

This is a story about a kind of advertising that we like a lot: about what Claude Hopkins called service, what Aesop allegorised as the sun, what Neil Perkin recently referred to as ‘goodness and happiness’. It’s a story about … Read More

14 Nov '08

Obama and the Playboy bunnies

A lot has been written about the sheer amount of cash Barrack Obama’s team has thrown at his campaign. Having raised over $600 million, Obama has been like a real life Brewster from Brewster’s Millions – trying to spend all … Read More