2008 September

26 Sep '08

Callum The Chameleon!

I am please to cut the ribbon and to announce the commencement of Rubber Republic seeding on a set of brand new viral games. The games have been produced by MCM Net, for the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity and feature … Read More

24 Sep '08

4mations goes full-fat!

Drum roll . . . we’re v.pleased to invite you to the official launch of the full-fat version of

We’re super chuffed with the site + content, and think the team of Aardman animations, Channel 4, Lupus Films and … Read More

08 Sep '08

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Get training- Sonic is back, baby!

Coming soon to Nintendo DS, Sonic Chronicles sees yet another return for my best friend from childhood (Seriously, I spent more time with Sonic than a lot of real people I knew at the … Read More

05 Sep '08

To get this good takes AGES

We’re currently seeding a widget version of Dreamcast classic Samba De Amigo for our friends at SEGA as the game is set to launch on the Wii.

The widget, built using the social media friendly Clearspring platform, is already proving … Read More