2008 August

26 Aug '08

Atheist game from Ze Frank

Returning the favour to Ze Frank for bigging up our Harvest film last month, here is Ze Frank’s new atheist game, in which you can control your inner atheist.

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21 Aug '08

RR Channel 4 project goes into beta

Drum roll . . . Rubber Republic are pleased (and relieved) to announce the beta launch of .

4mations is a video-sharing site aimed at bringing together the best animation from around the world. The project is a collaboration … Read More

15 Aug '08

Online Advertising Outpaces TV Spend: Ofcom Report

“Online advertising spend has outpaced advertising on mainstream TV in 2007, surging 40 percent to £2.8 billion, Ofcom reported today in its hefty annual survey of the British communications market. In comparison, ad revenue at ITV1, Channel 4, S4C and … Read More

15 Aug '08

Mummy, what’s a viral?

Steve McLaren is viral, that’s what.

In an age of increasing video clutter, it’s sometimes hard to see what is truly viral. If we’re looking for a film that is creating huge buzz with no ad spend behind it then … Read More

04 Aug '08

Tweens Online

OK, so not the Tweenies, but Tweens (consumers aged 10-14) use the internet too, according to new research from the amazingly named Double Click Perfomics (surely Performics isn’t a word)

Key points from this rsearch that are of … Read More