2008 July

29 Jul '08

Measuring Interactions

As we work on more and more campaigns with viral content, we constantly have to balance the need for great coverage and associations with the assets against cold, hard, measurable data on who interacts with it so that we can … Read More

24 Jul '08


BMB’s iPint ap for Carling has received alot of attention lately – and for good reason. Its a great and first to market ad distributed solely on the iPhone, with a viral mechanic to encourage sharing it with your (iPhone … Read More

23 Jul '08

Angry Trampolines

A few months ago Matt came back from Bug 05 raving about a few films he had seen. One of which was the brilliantly simple, visually stunning and richly detailed zZz Grip . The brief: Shoot a live sequence to … Read More

22 Jul '08

Fantastic Contraption

This is a great game that I found out about the other day: (thanks, Jay is Games!).

I love physics games anyway, possibly because I am terrible at engineering and enjoy the challenge but mostly because there’s no ‘lose’ … Read More

03 Jul '08

Social media for dummies

I was in the middle of writing a presentation on Social Media, when I found this video . . . .

Isn’t this social internet thing great! People share ideas and stuff to make other people’s lives easier and more … Read More

01 Jul '08

Euroball honoured

With Euro 2008 all done and dusted, we were just about to wrap our hugely successful EUroball game in some old sack-cloth and put it in a cupboard, like some souvenir tray commemorating the marriage of Wayne and Colleen. Fortunately … Read More