2008 June

26 Jun '08

Sad about England not making Euro 2008?

Of course you could always reconcile this fact with a quick flick on the our fantastic Euroball game; as if you haven’t already!

Or you can rejoice in that great British pastime, a stiff upper lip and a loveable jibe … Read More

12 Jun '08

The last untapped advertising space

“I want ad space that everyone can see, all the time!” shouts the impatient planner… well now he may have his dreams answered- we’ve seen projections on buildings, MINIs bolted to the side of the Roundhouse in Camden, writing on … Read More

10 Jun '08

Rubber launches blog on Brand Republic

Drum roll please . . . thanks to the nice people at Brand Republic we’ve now got a nice shiny new blog on the Brand Republic site called Rubbertopia , where we’ll be sharing our pearls of viral wisdom with … Read More

04 Jun '08

Formulae for viral success

Two simple formulae for viral success:

Finger puppets + Harry Potter = YouTube hit

Porny photo + XXX tag = Viral phenomenon

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