2008 April

18 Apr '08

Granny Storage

On behalf of Sketch Associates, Rubber Republic are currently seeding a campaign on behalf of Safestore.

The film viral contains dark humour andd a little twist. It’s short and to the point. I wouldn’t like to ruin the suprise, … Read More

11 Apr '08

Euroball tops a million

Our online football game, … Euroball- made for JVC, official sponsors of Euro 2008 football championships, has just gone through 1 million plays since it’s launch, with 2 months to go until the tournament itself. The plays are made up … Read More

11 Apr '08

Who said internet parties can get out of control?

Want to throw a party, invite everyone who’s anyone and play the best tunes? Want to be known as the big cheese, Mr/Ms Popular, the party organiser extraordinaire?

…Yet are you strapped for suitable space in which to squeeze … Read More

02 Apr '08

Ad networks on the up

You shouldn’t just take our word for it about the effectiveness of the Viral Ad Network- a recent white paper from investment bankers De Silva & Phillips lays out how “Online advertising networks have emerged as an essential vehicle for … Read More