2008 February

14 Feb '08

The continued shift to online music promotion and the loss of a ‘middle man’

Over the past ten years, the internet has affected many aspects of daily life, but arguably nothing has morphed quite as much as the state of the music industry and the attitude and trends of its consumer. At the turn … Read More

12 Feb '08

Does Google’s personalised search suggest a shift from intention to attention?

If you’re a Google account holder (e.g. you use a Google service like Gmail, AdWords, Analytics etc), you may have noticed a slight change to your Google search results in recent times. If you’re signed in and search for something, … Read More

08 Feb '08

O2 Arsenal Campaign Takes its First Seeding Steps

Who’s the biggest Arsenal Fan? Several thousand red and white shirted men in pubs across the country would nominate themselves for this title, but who would have thought a Subbuteo figurine could have ended up as a candidate? Watch the … Read More

06 Feb '08

Rubber creates first ever viral library (maybe)

As you may (or may not) know, we’re a pretty learn-ed lot at Rubber Towers. To match our brainy and bespectacled appearance we’ve decided to launch our very own library – what we’ve rather imaginatively called the Rubber Library (see … Read More

01 Feb '08

Michel Gondry’s viral publicity machine rolls into town

Something Rubber Republic is itching to see is Michel Gondry’s latest film Be Kind. Rewind launched next month, not least of all because of its excellent online (and offline) pre-launch publicity.

The film’s premise takes user-generated content to whole … Read More