2007 October

30 Oct '07

Sex sells

It’s not new insight, but it’s true insight – sex sells, and definitely sells when it comes to viral.

Why do I mention this?

Well, because a viral for MTV our sister agency Rubberductions worked on with Ogilvy has just … Read More

29 Oct '07

The world’s longest commercial

To promote their new non-stop service from Dubai to Sao Paulo, Emirates have filmed a guy called Fernando Ferreira talking about his home country – Brazil – non-stop for 14 hours and 40 minutes non-stop (the time it takes to … Read More

26 Oct '07

Happy Bristol Day!

Posted by Andy.

I am working today (who takes their own advice?), but most of our staff have the day off for our ‘not-quite-statutory’, self-declared unofficial bank-holiday, Bristol Day.

Britain has not enough official holidays in our view. We can’t … Read More

25 Oct '07

Wahey for Bristol Day!

“Brizzle iz gert lush innit bled?” I think what the Carling scented and Lonsdale attired individual is implying is that Bristol is in fact, well good.

And for the many companies who choose to occupy Bristolian offices there will be … Read More

25 Oct '07

Mobile advertising – 10% response rate

Interesting post at discusses 10% response rate in mobile. Most of our campaigns are web-based, but we’ve done some mobile and we know the issues for both are similar. Key points we liked:

25 Oct '07

Flash stats go live

Through our Viral Manager tracking service, we track millions of viral campaign interactions and collect huge amounts of data on the users who interact with our campaigns. Our team use this info to develop great campaigns.

Slowly over time … Read More

02 Oct '07

Radiohead – back with a buzz

Like all the greats of music, Radiohead are not only geniuses at music but also at marketing. A few years back, Radiohead pioneered the use of video on the net with their blips (30 second music videos) for OK Computer, … Read More