2007 September

28 Sep '07

Online growth- more stats, no surprises

A Guardian special Report, earlier this week outlined the trends and growth of online advertising which confirmed a lot of what we’re seeing in the viral industry and supporting our claim that viral is a most effective way of reaching … Read More

28 Sep '07

Rubber push BBC Electric Proms

It’s been pretty crazy at Rubber Towers over the last few months, helping push out virals for brands and agencies across the UK.

Our latest viral seeding campaign is for the BBC’s Electric Proms – which takes place in Camden … Read More

28 Sep '07

Hepatitis Animation creates conversation

This recent blog entry, has appeared that shows just the sort of conversations we hope virals will spark.

The comments below about the cartoon are really powerful and show the difficult balance that is to be struck when using a … Read More

27 Sep '07

Viral viral

In one of our favourite projects this year, Dennis (not sure where the name came from) has been brought to life in an animation to raise awareness of World Hepatitis Awareness Day.

The simple, cute animation has been an … Read More

07 Sep '07

Rubber win JVC Euro 2008 account

Viral specialist agency Rubber Republic have been awarded JVC Europe’s UEFA Euro 2008(tm) football campaign after a competitive pitching process.

The campaign will launch in October 2007 and run during the qualifiers and through to the finals of the European … Read More

04 Sep '07