2007 August

24 Aug '07

Metro newspaper fall for viral stunt

You’ve gotta love viral marketing. An ordinary woman puts her 18-month-old baby in her bullet-proof buggy invention, opens fire with an automatic rifle, and then retrieves the baby unharmed.

On sale by the fictitious company Bulletproof Baby are a … Read More

17 Aug '07

18,000,000 People Can’t Be Wrong

Break out the champagne! We just hit 18 million unique viewers on Viral Manager – our little tracker on all our viral campaigns! It’s one of the first milestones we’ve actually been awake for (that little number keeps on rising … Read More

17 Aug '07

Wij’s Polar Peril

Furthering our post detailing the increasing amount greenagers populating the internet we at Rubber Republic have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon in the launch of our new game for the kid’s network, a site made by Enable Interactive with … Read More

09 Aug '07

New UK web usage stats- the important bits!

Internet usage in the United Kingdom is showing no signs of slowing down according to this report as the online population is said to be 63 percent of the total UK population (aged 15 and above) which equated to 31.7 … Read More

09 Aug '07

Never get lost online again

Another colourful map of the interweb has been released resembling the Tokyo Metro network. Now you can hop on the various lines such as the busy Music or Social News line, stop off at the high traffic Junctions and browse … Read More

02 Aug '07

Greenagers rule the roost

Contrary to the belief that teenagers are all heavy smoking anti-social types – the next generation are developing a growing environmental conscience and are now more receptive to ‘green’ advertising.

According to a this report 38% of online teenagers have … Read More

01 Aug '07

Who are Jamodu?

During our Ashes victory over the Aussie’s in 2005 cricket fans were left slightly bemused over the ‘new sponsors’ of The Ashes – an unknown company called Jamodu.

One clever-clogs had gone about setting up a blog under … Read More